February 2017: north, above/ground press.

April 2016: waving usufruct, a collaboration with David Emery and Samantha Lapierre, The Steel Chisel

March 2016: transecure, Puddles of Sky Press

June 2015: the blue, blue there, Apt. 9 Press

November 2014: tiny, In/Words Press. 

October 2012: little nothings, self-published in a limited run of 18 copies. Sold out.

Aug 2012: flicker, above/ground press. Still available for purchase from the publisher and author.

July 2010: for when you pick daisies, self-published in a limited run of 22 copies, second edition reissued by above/ground press in 2010, third edition reprinted by Chaudiere Books in 2014 in full in Ground Rules: best of the second decade of above/ground press 2003-2013. Limited copy of the first edition still available for purchase. Second and third editions available for purchase from the publishers.



roadside, an erasure poem after Chris Johnson’s poem “Has-Been”, Broadside #4, shreeking violet press, 2015

excerpts from “quitter”, Broadside series no. 1.4, hussy press, 2015

sex at 31, shreeking violet press, in a run of four (June 2014) and a second run of two (October 2014). Unknown model of typewriter, various stock of handmade paper, hand-sewn corners. No longer available for purchase.

sex at 31

November 27, 2013: vagabonds , printed by jwcurry: “[…]167 unique copies issued as Curvd H&z #473 & Card#1o9. 4-1/4 x 6-1/4 postcard on different white card stocks, printed black rubber stamp with blue & green additions recto, rust rear.” Available for purchase from the author.


Nov 2011: this side of pyr | ryp fo edis siht (above/ground press, #306). Copies available for free from the author and publisher.

Broadside - this side of pyr - ryp fo edis siht



April 2016: death takes a nap (National Poetry Month 2016)

March 2016: i told him it was ok; and RTS, moved (Peter F. Yacht Club VERSefest Special)

Summer 2015: karaoke, Kim Jong Un looking at things, left: (Matrix Magazine, Issue 102, Ottawa)

August 2015: karaoke (Matrix Magazine website, Featured Poem)

December 2014: peanuts and pressing the bruise (Peter F. Yacht Club, #21

November 2014: murder, old ottawa south (Dusie Tuesday blog)

April 2014: straight, forward (Chaudiere Books blog), for National Poetry Month

March 2014: sex at 31* (Peter F. Yacht Club, #20) *click here for more information on this persevering phenomenon in CanLit.

February 2014: five yellow walls (In/Words, #13.1)

August 2013: one fish, two fish (Peter F. Yacht Club, #19)

Spring/Summer 2013: this is a silent (Arc Poetry Magazine, #71)

June 2013: porcelain, watercolour (New American Writing, #31)

March 2013: a vile explodes fermenting (Peter F. Yacht Club, #18)

December 2012: slip (Peter F. Yacht Club, #17)

August 17, 2012: watercolour (Truck)

Feb 2012: slip (Peter F. Yacht Club, #16)

Jan 2012: This side of Pyr | ryp fo edis siht, remains (Ottawater #8)

May 2011: in green Dusty Owl Quarterly Vols 27-42 (edited by rob mclennan)

March 2011: four poems; bibliomanic, closed door, wrap around, caterpillar petals (Peter F. Yacht Club #15)

Fall 2010 (Bywords Quarterly Journal)

Oct 2010: dystopic utopic sub-tropic of cancer (X-Ray, former online magazine)

June 15, 2010: for when you pick daisies (Bywords)

Feb 24, 2010: Dragonfly (Ottawater #6)