shreeking violet

shreeking violet press, established in June 2014, specializes in small runs of handcrafted poetry broadsides, books and other papery oddities. 



ok, an erasure poem by Chris Johnson (after Marilyn Irwin’s poem “karaoke”), broadside #5


roadside, an erasure poem by Marilyn Irwin (after Chris Johnson’s poem “Has-Been”), broadside #4


Published by shreeking violet press in a collaborative run of 100 copies on the occasion of a collaborative reading between Chris Johnson and Marilyn Irwin for the re-launch of Chrysalis Zine (“Distance” issue), 7 pm, December 17th, 2015, Raw Sugar Cafe, Ottawa, ON.

Available at the Etsy store!


Stop by the ottawa small press book fair between noon and five on Saturday, November 7th at the Jack Purcell Community Centre in Ottawa and pick up a copy of our fall (and first ever!) books (with ISBNs and everything!). New work by the inimitable Ottawa poet Pearl Pirie and local nice guy (and writer) Dave Currie. 

Copies of Dave Currie’s “Poems for the Mishka”  and Pearl Pirie’s “Reviews of Non-existent Titles” now available on our Etsy store!


In her own words: Pearl Pirie is the author of 3 trade collections, most recently the pet radish, shrunken (BookThug, 2015) and a dozen chapbooks.

Reviews of Non-existent Titles is a bitingly funny and thoughtful collection of book reviews of books that, well, don’t exist. While the books may not be real, her commentary beautifully and painfully captures the dichotomy that surfaces when critically examining poetry – especially the kind that makes a reader cringe.

These are the kinds of reviews reviewers wish they could get away with. Likely respite from Pirie’s pet project on which she began earlier this year: “95 books” – the social media game of reading 95 books in a given year.

With nauseatingly creative titles such as “Tears of Hope: A Poetry Collection” and cutesy press names like “Schooner the Better Papers” Pirie pokes fun at the navel gazing, narcissistic (oblivious?) introversion that shines through the kind of poetry we all love to hate.

“In a nod to Bunting, ‘ Reflux of what can’t be mended, / a Peptobismol for easy grifs”. Generally skilled use of rhythm and metaphor to express bitterness at book length. There may be profanity, but there is no punctuation. Prevalent pronoun (rare): It. Written by the winner of several important awards.”

Printed in a run of 50 unnumbered copies.

Size: 5.5″ x 8.5″

ISBN: 978-0-9949062-1-2


In his own words: Dave Currie walks his dog in Ottawa.

In Poems for the Mishka, the reader is invited to be privy to poems intended for the author’s dog. As the author has remarked on a few occasions, it’s an absurd premise because his dog can’t read.

This is Currie’s first book of poetry and his unique, wistful but isn’t this funny because it’s so awful you have to laugh outlook which permeates a lot of his work (as with Mystery Waffles, and The Planets that Block Our Light, In/Words Press) is present as ever in this collection of tiny heartbreaks and observations.

Howling at the Moon

The dog cries alone,
wondering why I am not there.
I don’t have any answers,
I’m listening to poetry.

Printed in a run of 50 unnumbered copies.

Size: 4.25″ x 5.5″


Stop by the ottawa small press book fair between noon and five on Saturday, June 13th at the Jack Purcell Community Centre in Ottawa for our exciting spring catalogue which features new poems by rob mclennan, JC Bouchard and Rachael Simpson.

Copies available at our Etsy store.


Broadside #1: Marilyn Irwin, sex at 31

Unknown model of typewriter, various stock of handmade paper, hand-sewn corners. First run: four copies, June 2014. Second run: two copies, October 2014. Sold out.

sex at 31